Best Airlines For Cabin Crew In India 2021 (High Salary)

Searching for the Best Airlines for Cabin Crew ? are you the one who want to start Aviation career as a Cabin Crew member of a Flight Attendant if yes then you are at the right place. After completing our Higher education we often think of jobs and Cabin Crew is one of them.

But Why ?

Because after Completing your Higher education if you want to earn some handsome Money there is no better job then joining as Cabin Crew. you can Apply for Cabin Crew/Flight attendant soon after you complete your 12th Standard.

Best Airlines For Cabin Crew In India 2021

But is this a good Opportunity to Start With ?

YES it is , i know you might be confused Here as some of your Classmates will go For Higher education and other lines like Engineer, Doctor or Start preparing for Competitive exams and at that time you will think whether cabin crew job is suitable or not ?

Well , Aviation is a job to enjoy if you love Aviation Field, You get great opportunities to Visit Countries , malls and 5 Star Hotel stay. if you are a girl who wants to earn money soon after you finish your Higher Studies then this is the job for you 🙂 at least give it a try you can just go for interview and if you clear it you are ready to go.

Yes , there are some Skills needed For Cabin Crew. What are they ?

Requirements for Cabin Crew in India

  1. Your age must be above 18.
  2. Must Have Completed Higher Studies.
  3. Have Height more than 5’5.
  4. Have good Communications Skills.
  5. Should know Both English & Hindi Language.
  6. Should be able to Write & Speak English & Hindi.
  7. No Visible tattoos.

How to Apply For Cabin Crew in India ?

You Can Apply For Cabin Crew/Flight attendant Positions online or You Can Directly walk-in for the Interviews with the Required Documents like –

  • Your Aadhaar Card.
  • 12th Class marksheet.
  • Your 6 passport Size photos.

Which Airline is Best for Cabin Crew Job ?

Best Airlines for Cabin Crew can cabe decided on Some Factors like Salary and other incentives you get.if we keep those factors in mind then the best airlines for cabin crew jobs can be recommended below –

  • Air India
  • Indigo
  • Spice Jet
  • Vistara
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Vistara
  • GoAir

But wait , These are for Domestic/Home Country if you manage to get a job in national airlines then you will Get High Salary and Allowances thus the Standard becomes High.

Your preference Should be like this –

  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Singapore Airlines
  • British Airlines

Do I Have to Travel by Own & Spend my own Money for Travelling to Airport ( For Duty) ?

well NO,

The Answer is no. You Don’t have to send your money or manage your own vehicle for Travelling to Airport for Duty purpose. The Airlines will send a Crew Cab at your place for pickup and Drop you back at Your Home. no Worries about that 🙂

Is Cabin Crew Job Shift Wise ? (Day/Night)

Yes, you Have to manage that, Sometimes you will get Rest and Sometimes you have to Catch a Flight at Night too. well that can be managed if you are a Aviation lover & understand that its a nature of job.

Have more Questions ? Please Ask them in the Comment Section Below we Would love to Answer Your Queries 🙂

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